Carolina Horse Equipment

DragNFly Pro Roller

The DragNfly PRO renovates and conditions conventional and synthetic footings on horse riding arenas and tracks. Since this groomer handles all types of footings there is no need to buy multiple groomers when you change the footing surface in your arena. The DragNfly PRO adds unique features over the DragNfly. The 3 Point Hitch swivels to allow easier turning without throwing out the footing. Coupled with a compact length, this groomer allows tight turns around jumps with a relatively low horsepower requirement.

The DragNfly Pro DBL Roller is our latest model. It has a front roller instead of the solid wheels. This helps stabilize your drag so your footing stays completely leveled. The front roller also keeps the teeth from digging into the base and destroying your ring. This machine is a complete bullet proof/idiot proof arena drag. 


  • 2 Models | 2 Widths
  • DPRO72 | DPRO96
  • No Assembly Required. Just tow and go, or "drag n fly".
  • One Row of Adjustable Ripper Teeth
  • Two Rows of Spring Tines
  • Rear Cage Roller
  • Works on Conventional & Synthetic Footings
  • Compact Length For Turning without Throwing Material
  • 3 Point Hitch Swivels for tighter turns around Jumps
  • Low Horsepower Requirement (8' can easily be pulled by 40hp tractor)



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