Premier Dorchester Padded Leather Halter

This is the entry level Dorchester halter that is crafted from 1” triple stitched buffalo leather using solid brass hardware, is fancy stitched and has all the comfort features of our Billy Royal version. This halter is supple, comfortable and generously padded across the sensitive area across the nose and over the poll. The Premier Dorchester is outstanding as an everyday stable halter and looks great when traveling to shows and events.

Features include:

  • 1” triple stitched buffalo leather which is softer than cowhide and equally durable
  • Generously padded across the nose and over the poll and crown
  • Solid brass hardware for strength, dependability and durability
  • Double adjustable crown balances the fit and appearance
  • Adjustable curb customizes fit around the muzzle area
  • Rolled throat with snap creates a clean, good looking fit through the throatlatch
  • Personalize with a brass plate
  • Color: Havana
  • Sizes: Cob, Full Size, Thoroughbred 

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